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With just a little glue, clay, wire, and few tools, you can take your love of sea glass from just collecting it to also creating inspiring sea glass art.

Your imagination has no limits when it comes to decorating your home in a sea glass motif and making gifts for friends and family members.

Soft, frosty, and attractive sea glass art gives a home that cozy and comfy beach feeling. It helps bring back memories of carefree days spent lying on the sand and beachcombing along the shore.

Sea glass is also a great way to get conversation flowing with guests. Talking about those little artifacts that have a story to tell about their journey from trash to gems will certainly make people feel quite at ease in your home and interested in your passion for sea glass.

The Different Colors of Sea Glass

Sea Glass Art Projects


Sea Glass Palm Tree and Sailboat

Sea Glass Art Project

Some paint, glue, sand, and sea glass, and a frame I picked up at a thrift store for $4.75 turned into a pretty view of the ocean. On the bottom, I screwed in some white hooks. This sea glass artwork found its home right next to my front door.


Sea Glass Window Frames

Sea Glass Window

A little jewelry glue, clay, chalk paint, window frame, and some sea glass turned the view of the neighbor’s home into a pretty view of flowers.


Sea Glass Flowers and Butterfly in Glass Frame

I made this sea glass artwork of flowers and a butterfly in a glass frame for my brother and sister-in-law. I bought the frame from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. I used E-6000 glue to stick sea glass and twigs to a fiberglass sheet my husband cut for me. After waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry, I placed the glass frame over the sea glass.

I made the butterfly from rare yellow and turquoise sea glass. The flowers are mostly white/clear sea glass, sea foam, and the leaves are lime green sea glass.

Sea Glass Mosaic Turtle

Sea Glass Mosaic Turtle

A little glue, sea glass, and non-sanded white grout turned a plain white tray into a content turtle swimming under the sea among seaweed.

How to Make a Sea Glass Mosaic


 Sea Glass Angel Wind Chime

Sea Glass Angel Wind Chime

With a little E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue, three pound fishing wire, sea glass, starfish, glass trinkets, and raffia, I took an old wind chime that was falling apart and turned it into a lovely angel sea glass wind chime.

How to Make an Angel Sea Glass Wind Chime


Sea Glass Sail Boat

Sea Glass Sailboat

With a soldering gun, copper strips, flux, and some solder, these white, brown, and blue sea glass shards turned into a cute little sailboat. I’m planing to use a thin chain or 8 lb. fishing wire to this sailboat in front of a window.


Sea Glass Sailboat Candle Holder

Sea Glass Sailboat Candle Holder

I used E-6000 glue, sea glass, and a small glass vase from the Dollar Store to make this lovely sailboat candle holder. I was going to grout it with white grout, but my husband said it looks pretty without the grout. I think he’s right.

How to Make a Mosaic Sea Glass Candle Holder


Sea Glass Wreath

Sea Glass Wreath Art

This sea glass wreath was super easy to make with styrofoam, E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue, and sea glass.

How to Make a Sea Glass Wreath


Sea Glass Vase

Sea Glass Vase

This sea glass vase took a little time to make, but it was easy with a glass vase, sea glass, and some E-6000 glue.

How to Make a Sea Glass Vase


Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar

Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar

Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar

After seeing all the beautiful things people are doing with Mason jars on Pinterest, I had to make a sea glass Mason jar. It only took a few hours to glue sea glass on the jar with E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue, paint the lid white, and pop in a solar light I bought at the Dollar Tree.


Simple Sea Glass Artwork

Sea Glass Gift

Sometimes I put sea glass in a vase or jar and accent it with a seashell or a starfish. It’s an easy, creative, and attractive way to spice up my home with a beach theme.

Sea Glass Decoration


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