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tar on dume beach in malibuOn Sunday, July 15, 2012, I went to Dume Beach in Malibu to look for sea glass. Unfortunately, the only thing I found was tar. Of course this doesn’t mean that isn’t any sea glass on Dume Beach. It could have been that the tides and winds were just not favorable for sea glass that day. Also, the low tide time was about 12:30 in the afternoon, and it was the second low tide of the day. Usually I have more luck during the first low tide of the day when it’s between 5 AM and 8 AM.

Dume Beach Sea Glass

Typically, it’s possible to find sea glass in patches of small rocks, pebbles and seashells that lie between the low and high tide, but the sand along the shore near the waves on Dume Beach looked like find sandpaper, except for a few pieces of tar scattered around the sand. During low tide, I also didn’t see any small rocks in the waves when they were moving out, which was a bad sign too.

Dume Beach is a Beautiful Beach

My grandkids and I still had a nice day on Dume Beach. It’s a beautiful beach, and the waves were nice too. The beach is easily accessible from the paid parking lot. It lies right along the beach, which is convenient. The cost for parking on Sunday was $10.

It’s unlikely I’ll go back to Dume Beach to find sea glass. I am, however, planning a trip towards the end of August to go farther up north in California up the coast.

How have your sea glas hunting trips gone lately? Have you been able to find sea glass on Dume Beach in Malibu?

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