Milk Glass Sea Glass

Colored Milk Glass

Most milk glass sea glass comes from tableware. Its peak production periods were between the 1890s and the 1950s when it was used for things like coffee mugs, plates, jars and vases. Milk glass has been produced worldwide over hundreds of years, so dating it can be difficult because its main production period spans over […] Read more »

How Sea Glass Is Made in the Ocean

How Sea Glass is Made in the Ocean

“Things perfected by nature are beter than those finished by art.”– Marcus Tullus Cicero The Serendipity of Sea Glass Many sea glass collectors believe that sea glass is more valuable than precious gems. Several crafters use sea glass to make beautiful jewelry and other crafts. People even spend money to buy sea glass, especially the […] Read more »

Sea Glass Colors: What Are the Odds of Finding Them?

Sea Glass Colors and Rarity

Common Sea Glass Colors The main thing that affects sea glass rarity is whether or not its color has been mass produced over the past several decades. For example, beachcombers usually find a lot of white, brown, and Kelly green sea glass because these colors of glass have been mass produced since the last century by bottling companies that […] Read more »

Rare Sea Glass

Rare Sea Glass

Some people who stroll along the beach don’t look twice at some of the beautiful frosty, colorful glass that has been placed back on the shore by the tide after years of tumbling in the ocean. Others, however, appreciate the value of sea glass and understand the living ocean’s powers to expel trash and rejuvenate […] Read more »