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Sea Glass in El SegundoIt is possible to find some sea glass in El Segundo, California. My mother and I found a few pieces at low tide in the early morning. The pieces could have used a little more weathering in the ocean, but they were nice enough to take home with us. I found two green and one brown, and my mother found one white and one brown.

El Segundo, California

El Segundo is located in the South Bay area of California between Manhattan Beach and Playa del Rey. The beach is rarely crowded because there is a lot of noise from the planes taking off from Los Angeles International Airport. There is also a refinery on the beach, which is kind of an eye-sore.

Most of the sand on El Segundo’s beach is fine, so finding sea glass can be challenging. There are a few places where there are rocks on the beach. These are the best spots for finding sea glass on the beach.

Parking for El Segundo BeachParking by the Beach in El Segundo

There’s plenty of parking off Grand Avenue and Vista del Mar in El Segundo. If you have a handicap sticker, parking is free on the weekdays.







Refinery in El Segundo









The refinery in El Segundo is not to appealing, but the beach is still beautiful.


Beach in El Segundo










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