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There is plenty of sea glass in Redondo Beach, California. You just have to know the right spot. On Father’s Day 2012, I walked along the most southern edge of Redondo Beach, and I found many nice pieces during the first low tide of the day.

The area where I actually found a nice handfull of sea glass was in front of Malaga Cove where Redondo Beach meets Palos Verdes Estates.

It was a gloomy, foggy day, which is typical weather in June in the South Bay area of California. The temperature, however, was still comfortable for sea glass collecting.

redondo beach sea glass


Find Sea Glass at the Southern Edge of Redondo Beach

Because it was Father’s Day, the beach was a little crowded even though it was a little foggy. While I was searching for sea glass I heard a few children saying they were looking for sea glass too.

If you’re ever traveling near the South Bay area of California and you want to go sea glass hunting, check out the Malaga Cove beach below the Malaga Trail at the most southern edge of Redondo Beach. It’s a beautiful beach, and you won’t be disappointed with the little treasures along the beach. Most of the pieces of sea glass I found were nice sizes.

The main colors I found were white and green although I did find a pretty aqua one. I threw a few small ones with glassy sides back into the ocean for future sea glass collectors.

Green Sea Glass Shard

One Caveat for Redondo Beach 

Since Father’s Day, I’ve gone sea glass collecting a lot in Redondo Beach. Although most days I’ve been finding one to two handfuls in this spot, there are sometimes days when the sea glass collecting is not that good. If the tide has not left areas of patchy pebbles, stones and sea shells, I usually won’t find as much.

Sea Glass

Parking at Redondo Beach Near Palos Verdes Estates

There is plenty of parking in Redondo Beach near Palos Verdes Estates. Most parking spaces require lots of quarters for parking meters, or you can park in the large parking lot at the top of the bluff looking over the ocean. The cost in the parking lot depends on what day you want to park there. Usually it’s between $2 and $7 per day. It’s $2 a day during the week and $7 on weekends. On holidays the cost can go over $7. For parking meters, twenty-five cents will get you 15 minutes.

When you get to the beach from the parking lot, start walking south towards Palos Verdes Estates. You’ll pass a lifeguard station and a little beach restaurant at the bottom of the hill. You’ll also notice the bike path ends. As you keep walking towards Palos Verdes, the beach starts to curve. Soon, you’ll notice the density of the sand changes from fine to coarse. You should also start to see a few rocks on the wet sand. That’s where most of the sea glass can be found.

Sea Glass Malaga Cove

Green Sea Glass in Redondo Beach


Here are a few nice pieces of sea glass I found walking along the beach in Redondo Beach in front of Malaga Cove Trail. Notice that the density of the beach near Palos Verdes Estates is a little rocky, which is excellent for finding sea glass.


Videos below consist of footage of the area in Redondo Beach where I found sea glass. You can see the beach looks like a typical beach where sea glass is found.




Another video on a different day of another sea glass hunt in Redondo Beach.

South Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Sea Glass


Sea Glass in Redondo Beach