Finding White Sea Glass on the Beach

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Kelly green, brown, and clear white are the most common sea glass colors beach combers find because the majority of glass bottles that were dumped into the ocean during the first half of the 20th century consisted of these colors.

If you’re searching for sea glass, it’s likely that much of what you’ll find will be white–sometimes referred to as clear white.

The Different Colors of Sea Glass

Shades of White

White clear sea glass comes in different shades too. Some look snow white when dry and some have a pale colored tint.

White Sea Glass

White Sea Glass

Finding White Sea Glass on the Beach

White glass lying on the beach looks clear like transparent glass when it’s wet. When it’s dry, it looks more opaque and frosty.

Sea glass on the beach

Where does white sea glass come from?

Most white sea glass comes from beer, soda and juice bottles. It also comes from clear glasses, plates, car windshields, windows, and other clear glass sources.

White sea glass usually starts out as clear glass. Then after tumbling in the sea, it becomes thicker and more like a snow-white piece of frosty glass.

White Sea Glass


The Odds of Finding White Sea Glass

According to Richard LaMott in Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems, approximately four out ten pieces of sea glass people find on the beach will be white.

Best White Sea Glass

The best kind of white sea glass to find is those that are snow white but and frosty with rounded edges.

It usually takes quite a few years for sea glass to turn from clear glass to frosty white with nicely shaped rounded edges. In general, the longer and more vigorously glass has been tossing and tumbling around in the water and sand, the more it changes into valuable, conditioned and weathered shards of sea glass.

White Milk Glass

White sea glass also comes in a white opaque color called milk glass. It’s not transparent when it’s wet like white clear sea glass. Milk glass is also rarer than clear white sea glass.

Milk Glass

Milk Glass Sea Glass