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If you love sea glass, you’ll be sure to love Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. One important thing to remember is that most of the sea glass lies along the shore in coves south of Elm Street. Also, it’s best to visit Glass Beach a few hours before and after low tide.

Check tide times for Fort Bragg here.

If it’s your first time to Glass Beach, here are some easy-to-follow directions, pictures, and a map to help you get to the most popular sea glass beach in Fort Bragg: Site Two. There are also instructions for finding the oldest site: Treasure Cove.

Flying to California to Visit Glass Beach

If you’re flying to California, the closest major airport to Fort Bragg is Oakland International Airport. You can also fly into San Francisco International Airport; it’s just a little farther south of Oakland.

It takes about three hours and thirty minutes to drive from Oakland to Fort Bragg. It takes about three hours and forty-five minutes to drive from San Francisco to Fort Bragg. 

Directions to Most Popular Glass Beach “Middle” Site Two

1. From Hwy 1 Main Street in Fort Bragg, head west on Elm Street. (There is a Denny’s restaurant on the corner of Hwy 1 Main Street and Elm Street)

2. At the end of Elm Street turn left into the parking lot. 

Glass Beach Parking Lot

Sign in Glass Beach Parking Lot

3. Park your car and follow the paved path towards the ocean. 

4. Continue to follow the paved pave to the left (south). There are signs directing people to Glass Beach. 

5. Walk down stairs to Glass Beach.

Glass Beach Sign

Glass Beach Stairs

Sea Glass on Glass Beach

Glass Beach Site Two

Three Sea Glass Sites in Fort Bragg, California

There are three main Glass Beach sections in Fort Bragg: Site One “Treasure Cove”, Site Two “Middle Site”, and Site Three “Glass Beach.” Site Two is the cove with the stairs. Most people visit Site Two and refer to it as “Glass Beach.”

There is little sea glass on Site Three. To find the most sea glass on Glass Beach, go to Site Two and/or Site One.

Maps of Three Sea Glass Beach Sites

Directions to Site One Glass Beach “Treasure Cove”

A little farther south from Site Two is Site One. There are no stairs leading down to the sea glass. You can, however, carefully climb down the cliff to get to the sea glass on Site One. You’ll find more rare colors of sea glass on this site.

To find Site One head south on the paved path past Site Two. You’ll need to recognize Site One by looking at the map above and pictures below. The pictures below were taken at low tide.

Three Sites of Sea Glass in Fort BraggGlass Beach Site One

Site One Glass Beach


Above Site One Glass Beach

Glass Beach Treasure Cove

Site One Glass Beach Treasure Cove

Treasure Cove Glass Beach Fort Bragg, CA

Sea Glass on Glass Beach Site One

***** Glass Beach Update *****

Update May 2015: I’ve been receiving emails from people saying there is very little sea glass on Glass Beach; however, this is not true. It’s likely people are heading right from the path at the end of Elm Street instead of left. If you follow the directions above, you’ll be sure to find plenty of sea glass.

Glass Beach Fort Bragg January 1014

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