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While some sea glass collectors give their sea glass a quick rinse in the ocean water when they’re done collecting it, many others prefer to wash their sea glass at home after a day collecting it on the beach.

Most people who plan on using sea glass for crafts or jewelry wash it with fresh water or with both soap and water before creating their artwork or jewelry.

It’s easy to clean sea glass. After you’ve collected all your sea glass and taken it home, you can clean it with a simple fresh water rinsing with or without soap.

Step One

Place sea glass in a strainer or colander with small holes. The holes should be small enough for sand to fall out but not the sea glass.

If you like, you can also soak sea glass in fresh water in a bucket before straining it. Some people soak their sea glass in fresh water and a little vinegar before rinsing it.

Use a small brush or toothbrush to scrub away embedded dirt or debris in sea glass.


Soaking Sea Glass

Step Two

Rinse sea glass with luke warm water. Add a gentle soap if preferred.


Step Three

Pat sea glass dry with paper towels or a clean bath towel. You can also leave it out in the sun to dry.


Step Four

Optional: Rub a little baby oil on sea glass for a shinny appearance. Rubbing oil on sea glass removes its frosty appearance; however, you can clean and dry the sea glass again and the frosted look will return.


Baby Oil and Sea Glass


Some sea glass collectors prefer not to clean their sea glass, while others like to rinse it clean with fresh water or soap and water. Others rinse it in the ocean before they leave the beach. It really depends on your personal preferences.


Clean Sea Glass

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