How to Find Bulk Sea Glass

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Bulk Sea GlassIf you need a lot of sea glass but don’t have the time to collect sea glass, you can purchase it in bulk.

Here are some tips to help you find sea glass in large quantities:

Check out eBay for bulk sea glass. Sea glass is a popular item on eBay, and it sells well. However, you want to be sure to check out the seller’s credentials, and be sure he or she has a lot of positive feedback for selling sea glass. Many times people create artificial sea glass by tumbling glass in a tumbler, and then they sell it as genuine surf tumbled sea glass. Fake sea glass is not the same as genuine sea glass. Usually the edges are not as rounded and the frosting is different compared to real sea glass.

Check out Amazon. The variety is not as plentiful as it is on eBay, but you may find what you’re looking for. Again, be careful. If you want genuine sea glass, make sure it is specified as genuine surf tumbled sea glass.

Check out West Coast Sea Glass. This company sells sea glass in bulk, and its website has been up since January 2010. Be sure to compare their prices with those on eBay.

You can also find bulk sea glass at Etsy is similar to eBay, and it has a large variety sea glass to choose from.

Buying Sea Glass in Bulk

Bulk sea glass is usually sold by the pound or by the number of pieces. Sea glass also ranges in size. The smallest pieces are usually smaller than the size of a dime. Medium is usually the size between a dime and a quarter, and the bigest pieces of sea glass are usually larger than a quarter.

Sea Glass Caveats

It’s difficult to find a lot of sea glass that is all the same size exact size and color. It’s rare to find even two that are exactly the same on the beach. It’s also going to be difficult to buy a lot of sea glass in the rarer colors like red, yellow and orange.

Also keep in mind that if the price seems too good to be true for real sea glass, it’s probably not genuine sea glass that has been found in or near the ocean.