How to Make a Mosaic Sea Glass Candle Holder

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Bring some of the seashore to your home with a sea glass sailboat candle holder.

Things You’ll Need

  • Glass jar (I bought the glass jar for $1 at the Dollar Store.)
  • E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue
  • Q-tips
  • Paper plate or paper towels
  • Sea glass (real or faux)

How to Make a Mosaic Sea Glass Candle


Step One

Decide on a design. Spread out sea glass on the table. Move pieces around until you get a desired effect.

For this example, I’m using mostly white sea glass. I’m using brown, green, sea foam, and cobalt blue shards for a colored sailboat to contrast against the white.

Sea Glass Sailboat Mosaic


Step Two

Glue sea glass. Be sure to open a window and use E-6000 in a well ventilated area. The odor of the glue is quite potent.

Squeeze a little E-6000 glue on a paper plate. Using a Q-tip, dab a little glue on the back of a sea glass shard. Cover about one half of the shard with a thin layer. Press sea glass onto glass jar and hold for about 10 seconds.

Because E-6000 dries quickly, squeeze out only a little glue at a time–enough to glue four to five shards at a time.

E-6000 tends to get stringy at times. If this happens, twirl your Q-tip to wind the glue around the tip and dab it on the back of sea glass and glue. Squeeze out a fresh small dollop of glue and continue glueing sea glass.

Glue small sections at a time because sea glass can slide around for a few minutes after it’s glued, so before moving on to the next section, wait about 15 minutes for glue to dry.

Sea Glass Candle Holder


Step Three

Finish glueing sea glass. Wait 24 hours before displaying candle holder. Place a small candle inside and light.

If desired, you can grout the mosaic. Use non-sanded grout for sea glass. Follow the directions on package.

Sea Glass Candle Holder


This cute sea glass candle holder looks lovely on top of my white piano, but it would also look nice in my guest bathroom.

Because it’s so easy and inexpensive to create, I may also make a few more of them for gifts.