How to Make a Solar Sea Glass Light

After being inspired on Pinterest by all the things people are doing with Mason jars, I just had to make a sea glass Mason jar. One thing I’ve also been wanting to make is a sea glass nightlight, so while cruising through the Dollar Tree and looking at the solar lights, I had a solar sea glass Mason jar epiphany.

Making the sea glass jar is super easy, and it only takes a few hours.

Things You’ll Need

  • Sea glass (real or faux)
  • Mason jar
  • E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue
  • White paint for lid
  • Solar light


Step One

Gather sea glass shards. I chose mostly sea foam, a few white, a few cobalt blue, and a some lime green. You can make a design too. I decided on a flower.

The Colors of Sea Glass

Glue Sea Glass to Mason Jar

Step Two

Using E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue, stick sea glass to Mason jar. Do a few shards at a time. I usually smear a little glue on a small spot on the glass and then place the sea glass shards on the glass jar. Before the glue starts to dry, I move the shards around until they fit like puzzle pieces.

It takes the glue a few minutes to hold the shards in place, so be careful about them sliding around after you start glueing them in place. It’s best to start on the flat side of the jar.

Step Three

Take the ring from the Mason jar lid to the Dollar Tree or whatever store you like to find a solar light that will fit on top of the jar without falling through. If desired, you can also purchase a Mason jar lid with a solar light on eBay. There have some pretty amazing lids with solar lights built right in. They cost about $10 to $15.

Step Four

Paint the lid if desired. Let dry and twist the lid on. Place the solar light on top. The solar light I found fits right in the jar without it having to be glued, so I can easily replace the the light if it stops working.

Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar

You can place you solar sea glass jar near a window and enjoy the sea glass jar during the day and at night. I put mine on my patio during the day to charge it and then place it in my bedroom at night for a soft nightlight.

Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar



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  1. Ms C. says:

    Just gorgeous!!

  2. Jasspreet says:

    I have a whole case of Kendall Motor oil glass jars plus the box they came in. All of them have there labels and the case is in good shape. Any idea what it might be worth?

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