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Bring coastal charm into any room in your home by hanging a handmade sea glass wreath.

Sea glass comes in several different colors and sizes. The most common are green, brown and clear. You can make a wreath out of any color or any combination of colors, but most make wreaths in green, blue, or clear to symbolize the color of water.

Use different size sea glass shards for the best aesthetics. Glue large shards first, then medium, and finally small shards to fill in the gaps.

Making your own sea glass wreath is super easy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Sea glass (genuine or faux)
  • A wreath base made out of straw, grapevine, polystyrene, or styrofoam
  • Hot glue gun and glue or E-6000 Industrial Strength Glue
  • Paper plate
  • Q-tips
  • Satin Ribbon or Raffia

For this sea glass wreath, I’m using a styrofoam base, genuine surf-tumbled sea glass, raffia, and E-6000 glue.

Yes, I’ve researched and found out E-6000 is not for use with styrofoam because the glue disintegrates styrofoam; however, I’ve found that E-6000 works fine with a styrofoam base I bought in the floral department at JoAnn’s: Make It Fun Styrofoam – UPC 46501 03687 2 – Made in USA.

Styrofoam Sea Glass Wreath


Step One

Gather beach glass from beaches or find a craft supplier that sells sea glass.

You can purchase authentic beach glass from sellers on eBay, or you can purchase beach glass from most craft stores. Most craft suppliers sell artificially made beach glass that was made from tumbling broken glass in a rock tumbler. Artificially made beach glass does not have the same frosted tone as sea glass, and the edges are not as rounded, but it still looks lovely on a wreath.

Note: E-6000 Industrial Strength glue works best with glass. So, if you’re buying or making faux sea glass, be sure it’s made from glass.

Make Your Own Faux Sea Glass

Sea Glass Wreath


Step Two

Use E-6000 glue to attach large to medium pieces of sea glass to wreath. Squeeze out a little glue at a time onto a paper plate because E-6000 dries quickly.

Squeeze enough glue for four to five shards at a time. Note: A little glue will keep dripping out of the tube of glue for a few seconds. That’s fine. Let it continue to drip onto the paper plate. 

Use Q-tips to glue the back of each piece of sea glass. Twirl Q-tip and spread glue on back of sea glass. Leave the edges free from glue, so dry glue globs don’t show on the wreath. Press sea glass onto wreath base, and hold it firmly in place for at least five seconds.

Glueing Sea glass


Step Three

Continue gluing medium to large shards of sea glass until the entire wreath is finished. Let glue dry overnight or 24 hours, and then glue smaller shards of sea glass into gaps. Let sit another 24 hours to dry completely.

Glue Sea Glass onto Styrofoam


Step Four

If desired, add more ocean theme things such as sea shells and small starfishes.

Step Five

Tie a pretty matching bow with ribbon or raffia at the top to hang wreath on a hook. Hang on a wall or your door. 

How to Make a Sea Glass Wreath


How to Make a Sea Glass Wreath


  • wendy hardcastle

    Hello Cathy. I love your sea glass wreath. Could i ask i have been making sea glass wreaths on polystyrene with a glue gun However most of the glass has stayed on the odd one the glass has come off. Could you suggest anything and would the e6000 be any batter or not . Thankyou

    • Cathy

      Hi, Wendy, yes, I suggest using clear-transparent Industrial Strength E6000 for making sea glass wreaths. I actually use it on most of my sea glass crafts. You can find E6000 at Michael’s and Joanne’s. Good luck with your wreaths. I’m sure they’re beautiful.

      • wendy hardcastle

        Thank You Cathy for your help i will order this glue now. Im not sure if i can send a picture on here to show you. I love Sea glass…. x

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