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If you happen to find red sea glass, consider yourself extremely lucky. The odds of finding red are approximately one in every 5,000 pieces of sea glass you find.

Even though orange sea glass is rarer than red, many sea glass collectors say the red sea glass shards they find are their most prized possessions. Most sea glass jewelers covent authentic red sea glass and consider it more valuable than diamonds.

rare red sea glass


Where Does Red Sea Glass Come From?

Most red sea glass comes from Victorian lamps, lanterns, stained glass, tableware, automobile brake lights, marine lights, beer bottles, Depression glass, and marbles, according to Richard LaMotte in his book Pure Sea Glass. 

The hues of red sea glass found are usually either crimson red or vibrant red. Vibrant red shards likely come from warning lights.


Why is Red Sea Glass So Rare?

One of the main reasons red sea glass is so rare is the expense from the chemical process to produce it. Besides the expense to produce it, the process to make red glass is also complicated.

Anchor Hocking produced its popular Royal Ruby Red tableware and pieces in the 1930s until the 1960s.

Because a limited amount of red glass has been produced in the last 50 years, you can assume it’s likely that any red sea glass you find was manufactured during the late 1930s to the 1950s.

Rare Red Sea Glass


Red Sea Glass

How to Buy Red Sea Glass

You can buy red sea glass from websites like eBay and Etsy; however, be careful. Many sellers sell artificially tumbled red sea glass. If you’re going to buy red sea glass from a site like eBay, be sure to check the seller’s feedback. Also, be sure the seller has a lot of good feedback and states the sea glass is genuine surf-tumbled sea glass.

Red Sea Glass


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  • been going to the same beach in BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON since last JULY, on JANUARY 26th, 2014, yesterday found a piece of red sea glass just a bit bigger than a quarter, by the surface wear it looks like it has been in the ocean for quite a while…..

      • larry trevett

        about a year ago I also found a small triangle shaped piece of sea glass that was both orange and red….couldn’t believe it…..

  • been going to the same beach in Bellingham, wash since last july, on January 26th 2014 found a piece of red sea glass a bit bigger than a quarter, by the surface wear it looks like it has been in the ocean for quite a while……lucky find…

  • karlyn

    recently found a piece of red sea glass larger then a quarter with ridges along it, I would match it to the red lantern. great find

  • lori

    My husband and I spend time at the beach along Lake Michigan. Last year UI dound a nickel sized piece of Red Sea Glass and last week he found another piece about the same size. We called that the find of the day! We were very excited!
    These also go in the “Rare Glass” display Jar.

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