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Among the shades of blue sea glass, turquoise stands out as the most rare and beautiful. The odds that you’ll find a turquoise shard are approximately 1 in 5,000, says Richard LaMotte author of the popular book Pure Sea Glass: Nature’s Vanishing Gems. It’s even likely you’ll find more rare red sea glass than turquoise.


What is Turquoise Sea Glass Made From

The color was produced mostly for pressed glass rather than blown bottles. Manufacturers used turquoise glass to produce things such as tableware, vases, seltzer bottles, flasks, and art glass.


Turquoise sea glass

Rare and Beautiful

Peak production years of turquoise glass ranged from the late 1800s to the 1950s. Because turquoise glass was hardly ever used in the mass production of glass, you can assume that any piece you find is likely older than most other shards.


How to Find Turquoise Sea Glass

You can find turquoise sea glass more easily on the beach because its color stands out among all the other hues of sea glass, but unfortunately because of its rarity it’s difficult to find. If you can find a beach where a lot of glass was dumped over the past few centuries, your odds of finding it will increase.

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify turquoise sea glass because of the many shades of blue sea glass like soft blue, aqua, Cornflower blue, teal, and cobalt blue. Turquoise sea glass usually has a touch of green in its blue hue.


Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Sea Glass

turquoise and cobalt blue sea glass

Pure Sea Glass Identification Cards

Pure Sea Glass Identification Cards

I bought LaMotte’s Pure Sea Glass Identification Cards at the Sea Glass Museum in Fort Brag, California. They’ve come in handy for identifying colors and dating shards.

You can also buy them on Amazon or on the Pure Sea Glass Web site. Besides the cards, I also have LaMotte’s book, which has information about how to find sea glass and information about the history of glass.

Elegant and Sublime

Many sea glass collectors cherish their turquoise finds along the beach not only because of their rarity and history, but also because of the alluring color.

Rare Turquoise sea glass

The beauty and rarity of turquoise also makes it quite expensive to buy. Jewelers charge premium prices for their turquoise sea glass jewelry, and crafters charge top prices too.