Sea Glass Beach Update: What’s Going on With the Coastal Restoration in Fort Bragg?

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Construction is underway at Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Here’s the latest information and what you need to know to find sea glass on Glass Beach.

  • Construction started in August 2014 for the City’s Coastal Restoration and Trail Project, and already significant changes have been made. The City has started to restore depleted landscape back to its native ecosystem and started to lay the base for the new trail.
  • The project is significant because it consists of a whopping 92-acre, 4.5 mile trail project.
  • The trail to Glass Beach has been closed and fenced off. No Trespassing signs are posted.
  • A grand opening of the Coastal Restoration and Trail Project has been scheduled for August 2015.

How to Get to Glass Beach During Construction

Currently, you can access Glass Beach by heading north of the fenced off area where the main trail used to be located off Glass Beach Drive and Elm Street. Once you’ve past the no trespassing area, head west towards the ocean. When you reach the top of the cliffs, you’ll need to circle back and walk south towards Glass Beach. It’s a bit of a hike, but if you want to visit Glass Beach, you’ll have to make the effort. The only other way to access Glass Beach would be by boat or kayak when conditions are safe.

However, the cliffs above Glass Beach may be closing soon during the coming winter months as foot traffic to the cliffs surrounding Glass Beach will be restricted to only biologists and restoration crews.

Keep up to date with information from the City’s website about the progress and access to Glass Beach here.

The Good News

Once the project has been completed, there will be paved paths and stairs for safer access to all three Glass Beach sites.


No Trespassing Sign in Front of Trail Leading To Glass Beach – August 2014

Glass Beach Fort Bragg Renovation Update


More Good News

You’ll Still be Able to Find Sea Glass on Glass Beach. The City is not removing any sea glass from the beach. In fact, once the project is complete, you’ll be able to access Site One, which up until the the completion of the new¬†project was only accessible by water with a boat or kayak.

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