Sea Glass Beaches in Northern California


The best Sea Glass Beach in Northern California is located on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is considered by many to have the largest concentration of sea glass in the world.

There are three glass beach sites in Glass Beach. Even though the sea glass has been picked over and has been disappearing over that past few decades, there is still plenty of sea glass on the shores in the coves below the cliffs.

Legally, you may collect sea glass on Sites One and Two on the shore below the mean high tide line. Site Three is located in Mackerricher State Park. Taking sea glass from Site Three is prohibited; however, there isn’t that much sea glass on Site Three anyway. Sites One and Two have more sea glass.

See map below for the actual locations of Sites One, Two, and Three.

Glass Beach Site One

Glass Beach Site Two


How to Find Sea Glass on Glass Beach

Head west on Elm Street from Highway One in Fort Bragg. At the end of Elm Street, turn left into parking lot. Follow the path and the signs to Glass Beach Site Two “Middle Beach.” Both sites One and Two are located south of Elm Street. There are stairs heading down to Site Two; however, you’ll have to climb down the cliff to get to Site One.

Glass Beach Sign

The best time to go to Glass Beach is a couple hours before and after low tide. Sometimes, the waves on the shore can be sneaky and treacherous, so be careful.

Maps of Three Sea Glass Beach Sites

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Another beach in northern California where you can find sea glass is in Cayucos, California. Cayucos is a small town located about three hours and thirty minutes north of Los Angeles.

Sea glass in Cayucas isn’t as plentiful as it is on Fort Bragg’s glass beaches; however, you should be able to find a handful of sea glass per each hour you search along the shore.

Like most beaches, it’s best to look for sea glass in Cayucos a few hours before and after low tide.

Beach in Cayucos

Cayucos Sea Glass on the Beach


Cayucos Sea Glass Festivals

Cayucos holds a annual sea glass festival every year in March at the Vet’s Hall near the pier. It’s a popular event where you’ll see a lot of sea glass on display as well as sea glass jewelry and sea glass crafts.



The town of Davenport is just a few miles north of Santa Cruz. If you’re looking for multicolored sea glass shards, Davenport is the best place to find these brilliant shards in Northern California.

The source of the multicolored sea glass in Davenport comes from the broken glass that had been dumped into the Vicente Creek that flows into the ocean by Lundberg Studios, a glass company that specializes in multicolored blown glass.

If you’re going to go to Davenport Beach, be sure to go an hour or two before low tide. Going before the first low tide after a storm will increase your odds of finding sea glass.

Surf on Davenport Beach california

How to Find Davenport Beach

Take Cabrillo Highway One and go west on Ocean Street. Park in the dirt lot and follow the train tracks south down to the beach. There are some stairs leading down to the beach, but they’re not in good condition, so be careful and wear shoes with good traction.

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One of the best places to find sea glass in Monterey is on Del Monte Beach by San Carlos Beach Park just south of Fisherman’s Wharf.

As usual when beach combing for sea glass, it’s best to go a few hours before low tide and even better if you go right before the first low tide after a storm. Walk in a zig-zag pattern between the surf and the high tide waterline. Keep in mind that you’ll likely find more sea glass among gatherings of small pebbles and small rocks.



Benicia Glass Beach is located in a bay, so much of the sea glass is not too frosty. The lack of water movement is not conducive to creating the more beautiful thicker shards of sea glass.

To find Benica Glass Beach, follow the West Sixth Street to Cove Way and go left to Elane Way. Follow public access sign to the water. Plan to go a few hours before low tide. Wear good shoes; much of the glass may have sharp edges.


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