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Even though many sea glass hunters rave of their finds on northern California beaches, there are beaches in southern California where you can also find sea glass.


Redondo Beach

My favorite beach near my home to collect sea glass is located in the most southern part of Redondo Beach and Torrance Beach.  An hour before low tide, I begin my journey at the end of the bike path and head south along the water’s edge towards Palos Verdes.

Redondo Beach is a fickle beach for finding sea glass. Chances are good I’ll find at least two or three nice shards, but some days, I don’t find any sea glass. On a few occasions, the sea glass gods have blessed me with 10 to 20 shards. The best time to find sea glass in Redondo Beach is during the first low tide after a storm.

I find mostly white and brown sea glass in Redondo, but on good days when the tide has brought in patches of pebbles and seashells, I usually find a few thick and frosted sea foam shards.

The Many Colors of Sea Glass

Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and El Segundo

I’ve checked nearby Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and El Segundo for sea glass, but I haven’t found that much on these beaches.

Sea Glass on Southern California Beaches



I’ve found a few nice shards of sea glass in Malibu by walking in front of the private homes an hour before and after low tide. I access the shore in front of the homes through the public beaches like El Matador.

The best thing about beachcombing along the Malibu coast is the beautiful beaches. There’s a relaxing and kick-back type of vibe along the water. If you plan on going to Malibu to collect sea glass during summer weekends, try to go early to get a good parking spot.

More Information About How to Find Sea Glass in Malibu

El Matador Beach malibu


La Jolla

I’ve found lots of little sea glass shards in La Jolla, and it’s a beautiful and popular beach. Be sure to go an hour or two before low tide. You should be able to find sea glass on La Jolla beach most days.

La Jolla Cove Sea Glass

La Jolla Cove


Newport Beach to Laguna Beach Orange County

There are several beaches between Newport Beach and Laguna where people have reported finding sea glass.

Be sure to look for spots where small pebbles and seashells have gathered between the low and high tideline.

Avoid smooth, sandy beaches. It’s unlikely you’ll find sea glass in these areas.


Summerland Beach in Santa Barbara

Bring the dog and find sea glass in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is located just a little north of Los Angeles.

The most important thing you should do to find sea glass on Summerland Beach is go an hour or two before low tide. The beach is curvy with some zig-zag cliffs around the coves, so be sure not to get stuck in any spots when the high tide comes in. 

Directions to Summerland Beach, Santa Barbara

Take the 101 Freeway to Santa Barbara. Then take Exit 88 and go west. You’ll quickly run into Padaro Lane. Turn right. After driving down Padaro Lane–a residential road–for a while, you’ll come to a parking area with a sign that says “Loon Point.”

Turn right into the Loon Point public parking lot. Towards the back of the parking lot, there is a path that leads down to the beach. When you come to the end of the path, go left for about one quarter of a mile. Look for sea glass among the small rocks and seashells.

I have more luck finding sea glass on Summerland Beach than I do on most beaches in Southern California.

Find Sea Glass in Summerland Beach, Santa Barbara

Loon Point Beach Access

Sea Glass in Santa Barbara

sea glass in southern california

Sea Glass in Southern California

I’m still looking for more sea glass friendly beaches in southern California, and as soon as I find more places, I’ll post updates.

Have you found other good sea glasses beaches in southern California? If yes, please share about them in the comment section below.

Happy sea glass hunting!


  • Keena Babrocky

    I wen’t to Malibu after a rain storm. There were a few very large piles of rocks on the beach. My cousin and I just sifted thru these rocks and found many pieces of nice frosted sea glass. Only 1 very small dark blue piece. However, also found were aqua, dark & light green, and pale pink.

    • Cathy

      Thanks for sharing your experience in Malibu, Keena. Sounds like you and your cousin found nice pieces of sea glass. I’ve read and heard from other sea glass searchers that they find more sea glass after a storm. Pale pink is quite rare; I only have a few small ones.

  • I was at San Clemente Pier today and found quite a few nice pieces of sea glass in about an hour and a half of searching. It was my first time doing this as I am visiting from Toronto Canada. I had a great time and am looking forward to doing this again! You can check out what I got on my FB page Simple Elegance By Sue.

  • Kim

    Arroyo Burro beach in Santa Barbara. It’s actually a dog beach and I made a special trip with my pooch for an overnight trip. It’s a popular beach so I didn’t really expect to find any sea glass, but there was quite a bit. I came back the second day and did just as well. Mostly brown and white. Some green.

  • sherry

    I have had really good luck In Long Beach , a lot of shells wash up and mixed in are really nice pieces of beach glass..

  • steve

    oceanside pier has been crazy this year. TONS of beach glass large and small. coke bottle glass, white, brown, green, and even a few marbles! every day i go home with at least a hand full. you have to look for the patches of beach rocks on low tide. and wear stuff you dont mind getting wet 🙂

  • Amy Silver

    Over this past summer, I found quite a bit of sea glass on the Ventura County side of Leo Carrillo State beach. I have found very little the past two months though.

  • David D

    I find a lot of glass on Long Beach, just south of the pier. I walk a 1 mile stretch almost every day and usually average two or more pocketsful.

  • David Dey

    Long Beach, just south of the pier, has been very good for many unique and colorful pieces. Seldom am I disappointed when I go there. HOWEVER Better than Long Beach…..Catalina Island, a mere 60 minute ferry ride (around 50 bucks round trip) from LB….beaches have very little sand , mostly all pebbles From the main city, Avalon, where the ferry takes you, to the southern point is known as PEBBLY BEACH .. Golf ball size rocks and pebbles…lots of pottery, too. Its a 10 minute walk from the piers and when we were there this past Valentines Day the beach was at least 3 feet thick with rocks… can sit and dig all around you Also, lots of UV glass….we took our little 9 dollar battery blacklight and walked the beach at night…..picked up 8 nice pieces of it. Cant wait to go back.

  • Kaylagh

    You should check out the shoreline by Torrey Pines in La Jolla. You have to hike down there but I found a ton on accident.

  • casey

    san clemete state beach and san onofre state beach this march I was camping there for a week and came home wigh at least 30-60 pieces my family and I found. small rounded pebbkles but still awesome.

  • Ella

    Pismo Beach surprisingly has quite a bit of sea glass if you are willing to venture into the caves and around the rocks. Though the best time to go is after a storm or when the tide is low as to avoid getting stuck in a cave. There are many access points through the neighborhood streets leading to the beach, though one does not want to go to the main part of Pismo Beach near the Pier because the because that part of the beach is plowed flat.

    • Ella

      Though Pismo is not in Southern California, if you ever find yourself in the Central Coast that’s one of a couple great spots.

  • Kim

    You’re not supposed to collect marine life or shells at Little Corona Beach, but I’ve found sea glass there regularly. I’m not sure what the policy is on taking it.


    Somebody said whites point and also abalone cove you can get as much as you want. Thing is most of it is very small pieces . The average piece about half of your pinky finger nail. But you will definetly come home with a few gems.

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