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Add a whimsical, coastal mood by using sea glass candles to decorate for events such as parties and wedding receptions. With a little imagination and a little glue, you can make a lot of different types of candles with sea glass.

Mosaic Candles

With a some jeweler’s glue or a glue gun, stick pieces of sea glass to a candle.

Prepare First

Be sure to be prepared by putting down some newspaper or wax paper before gluing.

Start Gluing

Glue the backside of a piece of sea glass, press it against the candle and hold for five seconds pressing firmly. Continue gluing more pieces of sea glass until the candle is covered.

Mosaic Sea Glass Candles

Create Magic

Ideas for Sea Glass Candles

Use different colors of sea glass or use similar colors on candles. It depends on the effect or mood you’re interested in achieving.

If you don’t have any sea glass, you can buy inexpensive bags of fake beach glass at most craft stores. Fake beach glass (aka fake sea glass) has been artificially tumbled in a machine and is typically less frosty and more sharp around the edges than real surf-tumbled sea glass.

Sea Glass or Beach Glass

In general, sea glass comes from oceans; beach glass comes from fresh water bodies like lakes and rivers. Sometimes both terms are used interchangeably.


sea glass seashell candle

I used a glue gun to stick seashells to a candle. I collected the seashells from the beach, but these kinds of sea shells are also sold at most craft supply stores like Michael’s and Joann’s.

Sea Glass Candles Without Glue

You can still create sea glass candles without using glue. Simply place sea glass or beach glass at the bottom of candle holders.

Parties and Wedding Receptions

If you’re in a hurry or want to create several sea glass candle holders for parties, showers, or wedding receptions, it’s fairly quick and easy to place sea glass around candles or inside candle holders along with sand and bow accents.

Sea Glass Candles on Patio


Sea Glass Candle Holder with Sand


Sea Glass Candle

Sea Glass Colors

You do not have to limit the colors you choose. The most common colors of sea glass are clear, green, and brown. However, if you’re looking for different colors, you can purchase sea glass or beach glass in a wide assortment of different colors on ebay.

The white sea glass above is called milk glass. It also comes in other soft pastel colors like blue, green, and yellow. Unfortunately, milk glass sea glass is rare, but you can usually purchase it on ebay.



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  • Ms CH

    I was wondering if the candles with the sea glass glued to them were safe to burn. My worry would be about the adhesive.
    I see you’ve glued some sea glass on the outside of a candle holder. I think that might allow for burning the candle. Have you tried burning it this way?
    I love all the ideas you’ve posted. They are beautiful.
    Thank you!

    • Cathy

      Thanks for your comment. I haven’t burned the candle with the sea glued to the candle. I just use it for decoration. However, I have burned candles inside or on a sea glass candle holder with no problems. Right now I’m working on a sea glass solar light using a small Ball glass jar with sea glass glued to the outside with E-6000 glue. Just waiting for my husband to find a solar light to fit the top. Then I’ll post pics as soon as it’s finished. I think it would be nice to place on my patio during the day to charge and then use as a nightlight inside at night. Also no worries about it being a fire hazard 🙂

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