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In the Bathroom

After doing a little feng shui research and collecting some white sea glass, I changed the theme of the bathroom off my bedroom into a spa-like environment with an ocean motif.

My bathroom falls into the Children, Creativity, and Entertainment section of the Feng Shui Bagua map, so the best color scheme is white and soft pastel colors. My walls are already a soft pastel green. I used white sea glass in a hurricane vase, white starfish, white towels, and soft pastel scented candles and  soft pastel seashells to decorate.

The element for my bathroom is metal, and the hurricane vase has a metal base. I’ll be on the lookout for a few more metal elements for the bathroom in thrift stores over the next few weeks.

White Sea Glass, Starfish, and Sea Shell in Hurricane Vase

Sea Glass in Hurricane Glass

Feng Shui Bathroom Sinks

In the sinks, I placed river rocks over the drains to counter the negative energy of water and wealth going down the drain. I also collected driftwood on the beach and put some in a square glass container with a starfish and sanddollar. I found the cute angel at Big Lots for only $10.

Feng Shui sin


Feng shui bathroom sink


Feng Shui Colors in the Bathroom

According to Feng Shui and Beyond, green, blue, and white are excellent colors for renewal and purification in the bathroom. Besides the white sea glass in the hurricane vase, I also used soft blue and green sea glass around a candle in the toilet closet. Plants and scented candles are also good for feng shui energy in the bathroom.

With the help of sea glass and feng shui, my bathroom looks and feels like a place for rejuvenation now.

Feng shui bathroom

Feng shui bathtub