Sea Glass in Davenport, California

Davenport, California is located approximately 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. It’s a small, secluded beach town on California’s coast.

While there have been reports of people finding beautiful and rare sea glass shards, recently finding sea glass on Davenport Beach has been more difficult. Some of the locals say that people bring shovels at low tide to dig for sea glass because the sea glass is not as abundant anymore.

Sea Glass and Vicente Creek in Davenport, California

Besides the collecting of sea glass, the main reason sea glass has been disappearing is less glass has been dumped into the Vicente Creek that flows from the mountains to the ocean.

After a heavy rainstorm in the 1970s, the overflow of water sent containers of Lundberg Studio’s blown-glass trimmings and scraps down the San Vicente Creek into Davenport Beach. After a few decades, the discarded glass turned into beautiful sea glass. The incident, however, garnered public attention. Since then, the San Vicente Creek has been protected for salmon and steelhead conservation, so dumping trash/glass in the stream is illegal.

Common and Rare Colors of Sea Glass

Don’t get discouraged. You may still be able to find sea glass. Be sure to go at low tide, and if possible, go after a storm when your chances of finding sea glass are better.

If you’re going to explore farther away from the main beach, be careful not to get stuck between any bluffs when the high tide starts to come back. It’s important to check tide times. Usually, California has two low and two high times every day, and the times vary from one day to the next.

You can check tide tides for Davenport Beach at Scroll down until you see tide times. If there are no reports for tide times in Davenport, enter Santa Cruz, California in the search bar. The tide times will be the same.

How to Find Sea Glass on the Beach Tips


How to Get Down to Davenport Beach

To get to Davenport Beach, take Cabrillo Highway 1 and turn west (ocean side) into the dirt parking lot at Ocean Street.

Ocean Steet Davenport California

Parking at Davenport Beach

You can park in the dirt parking lot until dusk. The locals say if you stay too late at Davenport Beach, you may get towed or you may have some explaining to do to the local police. Davenport Beach has a reputation for people having a little too much fun at night drinking and using other illegal substances.

To get down to the beach from the parking lot, head to the left. You’ll run into some stairs. Go down the stairs and cross the railroad track. Keep following the trail that heads south towards Santa Cruz, and go down more stairs. The stairs are not in the best of shape, so wear good shoes and be careful.

railroad tracks at davenport beach


Find Sea Glass on Davenport Beach

People have said that they find most sea glass on the north side of Davenport Beach where the water from Vincente Creek flows onto the beach.

Sea Glass Davenport Beach


Davenport Beach


Davenport Beach Santa Cruz

Davenport Beach is hardly ever crowed. People also let their dogs run free without a leash. Besides finding sea glass on the beach, it’s also a nice beach to spend an afternoon enjoying the surf, sun and sand.

Be sure to bring your own water and food and of course sunscreen. Also, there are no lifeguards or restroom facilities, so plan accordingly.

Surf on Davenport Beach california


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