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Sea Glass Jewelry by Find Sea Glass Designs

Besides making sea glass crafts for around my home, I’ve also been experimenting with sea glass jewelry. I started wire wrapping sea glass first, then I started soldering and glueing, and soon after that I used my husband’s drill press to drill sea glass for jewelry.

After a bit of a rough start making sea glass jewelry, luckily I made new friend during a visit to Glass Beach who told me to use Triple Ripple Diamond Drills. Since I bought Triple Ripples, drilling sea glass has been a lot faster and easier.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

White, Sea Foam, and Cobalt Blue Earrings

I bought sterling silver earrings, jump hoops, and headpins at Joann’s. The hearts at the bottom of the earrings are super cute. I also used a coupon, so the earring supplies were relatively inexpensive.

sea glass earrings


Lime Green Sea Glass Studs

I went to Hobby Lobby and found sterling silver 6mm studs. I gave the green sea glass a fresh water rinse, lightly sanded the studs, and applied a little E-6000 Industrial Strength glue to make these little cuties easily and quickly.

Lime green sea glass earrings


Shades of Green and White

These sea glass earrings are cute; however, they feel a little heavy on the ears. Three sea glass shards per ear is a better feel.

Shades of green sea glass earrings


Soldered Sea Glass Pendant Necklace

With just a soldering iron, solder, and flux, a few sea glass shards become an elegant necklace.

After a few tries at soldering, this beautiful soldered sea glass pendant was easy to make. When the soldering was finished and I rubbed a little baby oil on the sea glass, the colors stood out more.

Soldered Sea Glass Necklace


Sea Glass Butterfly Necklace

This sea glass butterfly pendant attached to a necklace was super easy to make. I took a piece of glass shaped like a butterfly and simply used jewelry glue to attach a mosaic of rainbow colored sea glass. Once the glue dried, I dabbed a little baby oil on the sea glass shards to bring out the colors.

One of the best places to find bases for pendants are glass pieces on wind chimes, especially if there is already a drilled hole in the glass. Then it’s easy to attach a necklace to the pendant. You could also make a broach easily by just gluing a pin on the back.

Sea Glass Butterfly Pendant


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