How to Make a Sea Glass Lamp with LED Lights

A sea glass light makes an elegant table lamp. You can make a sea glass lamp easily and quickly with white LED lights.

Things you’ll need:

  • Small square glass vase 4″ all around
  • Small LED light with on/off button on the side
  • E-6000 Industrial Adhesive Clear
  • Sea glass


Step One

Use an old credit card to spread a thin layer of E-6000 glue on top of the LED light. Place glass vase on top of light. Let dry for 72 hours.


Step Two

Fill vase with sea glass. You can change the sea glass or add to it as your collection increases.

Sea Glass Lamp



LED Light



E-6000 Glue



White Sea Glass Lamp


Sea Glass Lamp with LED Light



Blue Sea Glass Lamp

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