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North American Sea Glass Association

The NASGA’s mission is to educate the public about the benefits and properties of genuine sea glass, establish a standard to grade sea glass, assist in the protection and restoration of coastlines and waterways, and sponsor sea glass festivals that benefit sea glass collectors, artists, and retailers. Members of the NASGA pledge to keep sea glass in its natural state by not altering it through means like tumbling, sand blasting, or acid etching.


California Sea Glass Association

The California Sea Glass Association in a non-profit organization that helps educate people about authentic sea glass and the importance of conservation and preservation of oceans. Krista Hammond, owner of Santa Cruz Sea Glass founded the organization.




Sea Glass Lovers

Sea Glass Lovers is a non-profit community dedicated to sea glass lovers everywhere. Meet and chat with other people all around the world who have a passion for sea glass. Get information about upcoming sea glass festivals. Join groups, make friends, get sea glass craft idea, share photos and videos, and find sea glass beach locations. It’s free to join Sea Glass Lovers.




International Sea Glass Museum

The International Sea Glass Museum is located at 17801 North Highway One in Fort Bragg, California. The museum holds the world’s largest collection of sea glass. If you can’t make it to Northern California, take a virtual tour here.


Historical Glass Museum 

The non-profit Historical Glass Museum is located at 1157 N. Orange Street, Redlands, California. Their mission is to preserve American glass from glass factories that were going out of business. The museum holds the largest collection of glass in the western part of the United States. Check out some of their online displays of glass from their Home Page.


Anchor Hocking Glass Museum

The Anchor Hocking Glass Museum holds over 15,000 pieces of Anchor Hocking Glass manufactured from the early 1900s to the present. Many of the pieces are items that were never mass produced. The museum is located at 6126 Bear Branch Drive, San Antonio, Texas.



Be sure to purchase sea glass jewelry from a credible sea glass jeweler. Many people sell fake sea glass jewelry that’s not made from genuine surf-tumbled sea glass. Sometimes people will alter sea glass shards by tumbling, sand blasting, or etching to increase their grade and price.


West Coast Sea Glass

Mary Beth Beuke founded West Coast Sea Glass in 1998. She is a member of the North American Sea Glass Association and member of Recycled Artists Going Green. She’s also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass. West Coast Sea Glass jewelry is made from high quality sea glass. They also sell bulk sea glass and other beach themed gifts.


By the Sea Jewelry

Linda Jereb has been making sea glass jewelry for over 20 years. She uses top quality, rare, ultra rare, and unaltered sea glass (except for some holes for settings for rare sea glass) collected from all over the world to create her jewelry. Linda’s husband Jim also helps her with polishing and sells his own full line of Eco Friendly recycled glass jewelry.


Santa Cruz Sea Glass

Krista Hammond launched Santa Cruz Sea Glass in 2006. Hammond uses natural and unaltered sea glass collected from the shores of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay along with United States sourced sterling silver. Santa Cruz Sea Glass is known for its sea glass rings and exclusive Ocean Window pendants.


Sea Glass and Sea Glass Jewelry from Seaham 

Peblsrock Etsy Store is the home of Seaham Sea Glass and sea glass jewelry. Peblsrock has a full range of Multis, End of Day, Cobalt Blues, Reds, Yellows and much, much more.


Coastal Charms: Handcrafted Sea Glass Jewelry

Lots of different types of fine sea glass jewelry. Coastal Charms is also a member of the North American Sea Glass Association, which means all jewelry is made from genuine surf tumbled sea glass.





CW Antique Early American Patterns

CW Collectors Weekly has several pages about early American glass patterns and manufacturers.









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