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“A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.”–Henry Grunwald


“The only problem with looking for sea glass…is that you never look up. you never see the view. you never see the houses or the ocean, because you’re afraid you’ll miss something in the sand.”–Anita Shreve, Sea Glass


“I treasure your penny size self / more than sapphires / and yet the notion of you sometimes / scares me more than drowning.”– E.B. Reid, “Cobalt Sea Glass Love Poem”


Glass Beach Fort Bragg Directions


“It was all a part of being trustworthy–of being a piece of sea glass. High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process. Though difficult to endure at the time, the demanding elements helped smooth the surface, transforming one into a better person, not worse, A person who learned from the harsh environment, who knew the storm would end, and who felt confident she would still be in one piece.”– Maria V. Snyder, Sea Glass


sea glass quotes


“I suspect many of us walk past true gems every day without considering where they came from and what journeys they have endured.”– Richard LaMotte, Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems


“The world of sea glass is bigger than you think. People all over the world collect it, there are dozens of websites dedicated to it, and international conventions are devoted entirely to finding and identifying it. There is something about these shards of glass and ceramic that have been tossed around by the tides that captures the imagination. Maybe it’s the way that nature takes something mundane, like a broken bottle, and turns it into something beautiful. Maybe it is the connection to the past. Maybe it’s the immediate associations sea glass brings of time by the ocean, the waves, the salty smell of brine. Whatever the reason, sea glass is a thriving and colorful subject to explore.”–C.S. Lambert, Sea Glass Hunter’s Handbook


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“When a glint at the water’s edge reveals itself to be a sea glass heart, no matter whether startling blue, unheard-of-red, or the most common white, we feel blessed.”–Josie Iselin, Sea Glass Hearts


“This piece of seaglass / Began its journey as a reject / Day in day out / It ebbed and flowed / With the tides / Abraded by the sand / Tumbled with the pebbles / Until it was transformed / Completely made smooth by its journey / A magical, mystical & turbulent ride / Created a gem of the sea / Treasured now for its uniqueness and rarity”– Sonia Turner, “Trash to Treasure”


“Hold me gently in your hand, / Lift me to the sunlight, / I will shine for you, / Be your sea treasure and / Never seek another.”–Richard Morgan, Sea Glass Soul: Invisible Colors


Sea Glass Quotes

“For the existential sea glass lover, beach glass is a life metaphor too. How refreshing to know that in some ways, sea glass has been on a lifecycle journey just like people experience. It originates from something that was once broken, then discarded. It tumbles and cartwheels for years, often in a briny environment, buffeted against the rocks and hard places, and is grated against the grains of time, terrain, and the ebb and flow of all that ‘life’ offers.” — Mary Beth Beuke, The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass: Finding, Collecting, Identifying, and Using the Ocean’s Most Beautiful Stones


“…sea glass also holds intrinsic value because of the mysteries it carries. A quality piece is old–it has been submerged in the ocean water for many, many years until the sharp edges have become smooth and rounded. Questions about what it used to be in its original form, where it came from, and how it ended up on a particular beach all beg to be answered for the person who found it.”– Cindy Bilbao, Sea Glass Treasures from the Tide 


Sea Glass Quotes



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