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Sea Glass Poetry





See Glass

The glass bottle tossed from human hands lands back Home

Onto Sand and Silica

Along the Fecund Sugary Shore where she lies

Under the Ribs of the Wind

through cycles that bring Warmth from Light and Comfort under Dark.


The hands of the Tides reach and pull her

Inside their wet caves where she rubs

Against Rocks and Sand

Under soothing Caws and Wooshes

Until Pregnant with Salt.


Her Frosty Patina cracks open and gives birth

To Shards who float away

On the Breasts of Briny Currents

Until they swim back to the Shore hugged

By the Yellow Moon and Orange Sun.


People pluck their plump tiny bodies

From their Home

And take them back

To a familiar dry place away from the Sea

Sea Glass Poetry