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Sea glass pottery or ceramics comes from earthenware, bricks, stoneware, tile, and porcelain, says Richard LaMotte author of the popular book Pure Sea Glass: Nature’s Vanishing Gems.

Although most sea glass pottery is found in the northeast of the United States, pottery dates back thousands of years, and many sea glass pottery shards can be hundreds of years old or even older.

Sea glass pottery can be dated and identified by a ceramic expert if the color is unique or the pattern is distinct.

Pottery Sea Glass

Earthenware Pottery

Earthen ware consists of clay and is heated until it’s hard and firm. Nearly all ancient medieval, Middle Eastern, and European ceramics were earthenware, says LaMotte. Earthenware dates back to 10,000 BC Japan and is considered the first people-man art forms.


Stoneware Pottery

Stoneware pottery originated somewhere about 500 BC in China. This type of pottery turns into colors suck as white, gray, or red when it’s fired at high temperatures.



Porcelain is also commonly called china or chinaware. It was discovered during the T’ang Dynasty. ┬áMost porcelain sea glass shards come from tableware and vases.


Custard or Ivory Glass

Custard sea glass is opaque and pale yellow. Often, the original pieces often had gold edged rims or designs. Custard glass was popular in the United States in the early 20th century. However, it’s production dates further back in Europe, China, and Egypt.

Sea Glass Pottery

Sea Glass Pottery Eartnenware


Sea Glass Pottery


Sea Glass Pottery