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“I suspect many of us walk past true gems every day without considering where they came from and what journeys they have endured.”– Richard LaMotte, Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems

If you’re thinking about a wedding with a beach theme, consider a sea glass motif. Sea glass symbolizes the ocean’s magical ability to take something as simple as discarded trash and turn it into beautiful gems. Many writers and poets compare the journey of sea glass to the journey of life. 

There are plenty of ways to fill your special day with the ambiance of the sea and the magic of sea glass. Your wedding guests will be sure to be impressed and remember the magic of your special day. 

Here are a few ideas to make your wedding day a special, romantic one with a sea glass motif:

Sea Glass Wedding

The Perfect Wedding is a Sea Glass Wedding

  • Choose soft pastel colors like blue, green, purple and pink.
  • Use sanddollars for place cards. Use a black marker to write names on the top of each sanddollar. Place them in a white wood tray, and surround them with sea glass.
  • Place candles on tables surrounded by sea glass. Use a fishbowl or a square glass vase. Fill with sand, sanddollars and sea glass surrounding a candle.
  • Decorate your wedding cake with Necco candy. They look similar to sea glass and come in similar colors.
  • Decorate with a combination of sea glass, seashells, sanddollars and starfish.
  • Use orchids for flowers. Fill square glass vases with water (maybe even colored water) and place floating orchids inside.
  • Wear sea glass jewelry.
  • Make sea glass candy for wedding favors. It’s fast and easy.
  • You can buy fake sea glass at most craft stores, but if you want real sea glass, check out the sea glass for sale on ebay and Etsy.

Ideas for Sea Glass Wedding Favors

Craft stores carry plenty of small glass containers and candle holders you can use to fill with sand, sea glass, and seashells. You can also use tea lights or LED lights on the bottom of a small glass jar, and fill the jar half way with small sea glass shards. The light will give the sea glass a serene ambient glow.

The votive candle below is set on a crystal candle holder surrounded by milk glass sea glass. Milk glass sea glass also comes in other soft blue, green, and yellow colors. Unfortunately, milk glass sea glass is quite rare, but you can still find it for sale on the Internet at Web sites such as ebay and Etsy. Many craft stores also sell fake milk glass sea glass.

sea glass wedding favor

sea glass wedding favor

Milk glass sea glass

Crystal Vase with Dyed Flowers and Sea Glass

I love these 4 inch high crystal vases I bought at Vons/Safeway for $10 each.

I filled the inside tube with water and sea foam and blue sea glass. Sea glass in water looks more transparent than its opaque appearance when its dry. Craft stores and tourist stores near beaches usually sell white starfishes.

You can also have a florist dye flowers to match your sea glass wedding colors.

Your guests will remember your wedding each time they use these vases over and over again to display fresh flowers in their homes.

sea glass wedding favor

sea glass wedding favor



Drift Wood, Starfish and White and Blue Sea Glass in 4 Inch High Glass Vase on LED Light

sea glass wedding favor


Simple Yet Elegant

sea glass wedding favor



Fun and Romantic

sea glass wedding favor


Quick and Easy Abalone Shell Filled with Sea Glass 

Sea Glass Wedding Favor