Sea Glass: Blue Tinies

Sea Glass-Blue Tinies

Many of the tiny blue sea glass shards I find had made their home on the shores of Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Most are cobalt blue. Other shades of blue I’ve found include cornflower, aqua, soft blue, teal and once in a great while when I’m lucky I’ll find a tiny turquoise shard.   Cobalt Blue Sea Glass […] Read more »

Common and Rare Sea Glass Colors

Sea Glass Colors

Because the color of sea glass is determined mostly by its source, on average, most sea glass shards people find lying on the shore come in the three most popular glass colors: green, clear white, and brown. Others colors, however, like orange, red, yellow, purple, and turquoise and even black are rare. Most sea glass […] Read more »

The Beautiful Shades of Blue Sea Glass

Shades of blue sea glass

Blue sea glass is one of the most popular colors among sea glass collectors and enthusiasts. Blue is found in different shades like soft blue, aqua, cornflower blue, cobalt blue, and turquoise. Several jewelers and crafters use blue sea glass for their projects. Blue sea glass contrasts nicely next to other sea glass in different […] Read more »