Sea Glass Beaches in Northern California

Glass Beach Site One

FORT BRAGG’S GLASS BEACH The best Sea Glass Beach in Northern California is located on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is considered by many to have the largest concentration of sea glass in the world. There are three glass beach sites in Glass Beach. Even though the sea glass has been […] Read more »

Seafoam Sea Glass: Where Does It Come From

Seafoam sea glass

Most seafoam sea glass shards come from old Coca-Cola bottles and other soda bottles, beer bottles, fruit jars, baking soda bottles, and ink bottles. Because Coca-Cola bottles were so popular and difficult to transport, many were made locally around the world, so the green hue varied from soft green to soft green with a tint […] Read more »

Find Sea Glass in Lahaina, Hawaii

Sea Glass in Lahaina

There are many places in Maui where you can find sea glass, especially if you walk along the shore at low tide where small pebbles lie on the beach. I’ve read in forums and in comment sections on blogs that people have found nice sea glass shards in Lahaina in front of Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant […] Read more »

Glass Beach Kauai, Hawaii

Glass Beach Sea Glass

If you find yourself on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, be sure to check out Glass Beach in Eleele. Because it’s surrounded by an industrial area, it’s not considered the most beautiful beach in Hawaii. Nonetheless, you’ll be sure to find sea glass. The locals will tell you that Glass Beach has been picked over […] Read more »

Sea Glass in Davenport, California

Surf on Davenport Beach california

Davenport, California is located approximately 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. It’s a small, secluded beach town on California’s coast. While there have been reports of people finding beautiful, multicolored sea glass shards, recently finding sea glass on Davenport Beach has been more difficult. Some of the locals say that people bring shovels at low […] Read more »

Orange Sea Glass

Orange Sea Glass

If you’ve found orange sea glass, you’re quite lucky. The odds of finding orange are about 1 in 10,000, says Richard Lamotte author of Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems. Why is Orange Sea Glass So Rare? The main reason orange sea glass is so rare is the color was not manufactured as much […] Read more »

Common and Rare Sea Glass Colors

Sea Glass Colors

Because the color of sea glass is determined mostly by its source, on average, most sea glass shards people find lying on the shore come in the three most popular glass colors: green, clear white, and brown. Others colors, however, like orange, red, yellow, purple, and turquoise and even black are rare. Most sea glass […] Read more »

Sea Glass Marbles

Real Sea Glass Marbles

Children–and some adults too–have enjoyed playing with marbles for thousands of years. According to Richard LaMotte author of Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature”s Vanishing Gems, marbles have been found with the remains of Egyptian children. In the United States, clay marbles were mass produced in the 1880s: however, the popularity of marbles decreased in the […] Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Sea Glass Beads

Pastel sea glass beads

Most people who look for sea glass beads usually buy faux sea glass beads in soft pastel colors. The Difference Between Real and Faux Sea Glass Beads Small authentic surf-tumbled and rounded sea glass beads like those that come from buttons, marbles, ornaments, and lights are extremely rare. Moreover, they’re usually frosty not all perfectly symmetrical. […] Read more »