Sea Glass Beaches in Northern California

Glass Beach Site One

FORT BRAGG’S GLASS BEACH The best Sea Glass Beach in Northern California is located on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is considered by many to have the largest concentration of sea glass in the world. There are three glass beach sites in Glass Beach. Even though the sea glass has been […] Read more »

Sea Glass Beach Update: What’s Going on With the Coastal Restoration in Fort Bragg?

Glass Beach Fort Bragg Renovation Update

Construction is underway at Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Here’s the latest information and what you need to know to find sea glass on Glass Beach. Construction started in August 2014 for the City’s Coastal Restoration and Trail Project, and already significant changes have been made. The City has started to restore depleted […] Read more »

Glass Beach Map and Directions

Glass Beach Sign

If you love sea glass, you’ll be sure to love Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. One important thing to remember is that most of the sea glass lies along the shore in coves south of Elm Street. Also, it’s best to visit Glass Beach a few hours before and after low tide. Check tide […] Read more »

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California: A Sea Glass Lover’s Dream

Fort Bragg Glass Beach

Right after the 1906 earthquake and up until 1967, the city of Fort Bragg dumped trash in three places along its beaches, but the placement of the rocks and wave formations created a giant tumbling machine that took the shiny dumped glass into the water and tossed out frosty gems back onto the shore called […] Read more »

How to Find Sea Glass at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach Fort Bragg

GLASS BEACH FORT BRAGG UPDATE: GLASS BEACH IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL THE RESTORATION PROJECT IS COMPLETED IN SUMMER 2015 During the middle of August 2014, the path to Glass Beach off Elm Street has No Trespassing signs Also, the chain-link fence along the main path has been removed. The city of Fort Bragg […] Read more »