Lime Green Sea Glass: Where Does it Come From

Lime Green Sea glass

Most lime green sea glass found on the shore today comes from soda bottles manufactured during the 60s and 70s. A few of the shards come from lime green Depression glass and other specialty glass. Lime sea glass is uncommon. The odds of finding it are approximately 1 in 50 to 100 out of all the sea glass you […] Read more »

Amethyst and Sea Foam Sea Glass

Purple and sea foam sea glass

Amethyst and sea foam sea glass are two of my favorite colors. They look lovely together.   Purple (Amethyst) Sea Glass Purple or amethyst sea glass comes from mostly clear glass that contains manganese. After the clear glass has been exposed to the sun, manganese oxidizes to a faint, purple hue. Depression glassware and other […] Read more »

Common and Rare Sea Glass Colors

Sea Glass Colors

Because the color of sea glass is determined mostly by its source, on average, most sea glass shards people find lying on the shore come in the three most popular glass colors: green, clear white, and brown. Others colors, however, like orange, red, yellow, purple, and turquoise and even black are rare. Most sea glass […] Read more »

Sea Glass Colors: What Are the Odds of Finding Them?

Sea Glass Colors and Rarity

Common Sea Glass Colors The main thing that affects sea glass rarity is whether or not its color has been mass produced over the past several decades. For example, beachcombers usually find a lot of white, brown, and Kelly green sea glass because these colors of glass have been mass produced since the last century by bottling companies that […] Read more »

The Many Shades of Green Sea Glass

Different shades of green sea glass

If you stroll along the beach looking for sea glass, the odds are good that many of the ones you’ll find will be Kelly green. It’s estimated that approximately one in five to three out of ten pieces of sea glass anyone finds along the shore are Kelly green.   WHY IS THERE SO MUCH KELLY […] Read more »