How to Make a Solar Sea Glass Light

Solar Sea Glass Mason Jar

After being inspired on Pinterest by all the things people are doing with Mason jars, I just had to make a sea glass Mason jar. One thing I’ve also been wanting to make is a sea glass nightlight, so while cruising through the Dollar Tree and looking at the solar lights, I had a solar sea […] Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Sea Glass Beads

Pastel sea glass beads

Most people who look for sea glass beads usually buy faux sea glass beads in soft pastel colors. The Difference Between Real and Faux Sea Glass Beads Small authentic surf-tumbled and rounded sea glass beads like those that come from buttons, marbles, ornaments, and lights are extremely rare. Moreover, they’re usually frosty not all perfectly symmetrical. […] Read more »

Sea Glass Decorating Ideas for the Bathroom

In the Bathroom After doing a little feng shui research and collecting some white sea glass, I changed the theme of the bathroom off my bedroom into a spa-like environment with an ocean motif. My bathroom falls into the Children, Creativity, and Entertainment section of the Feng Shui Bagua map, so the best color scheme […] Read more »