Cheerful and Sunny: Extremely Rare Yellow Sea Glass

Yellow Sea Glass

While yellow sea glass is a cheerful, sunny color and a rare and lucky find, it’s not as cherished by most collectors and sea glass jewelers as much as red and turquoise.   Odds of Finding Yellow Sea Glass Like red and turquoise sea glass, few yellow glass shards have found their way onto the shore, making yellow […] Read more »

Vaseline, UV, Ultraviolet, and Uranium Sea Glass: What is it?

Vaseline UV Sea Glass

It’s referred to by different names: Vaseline, UV, ultraviolet, and uranium sea glass, but what is it? Because it was produced with the element uranium, Vaseline or UV sea glass is glass that’s easily recognized as it glows under a black or ultraviolet light. The more uranium the sea glass contains, the brighter it will glow under a […] Read more »