Common and Rare Sea Glass Colors

Sea Glass Colors

Because the color of sea glass is determined mostly by its source, on average, most sea glass shards people find lying on the shore come in the three most popular glass colors: green, clear white, and brown. Others colors, however, like orange, red, yellow, purple, and turquoise and even black are rare. Most sea glass […] Read more »

Sea Glass Decorating Ideas for the Bathroom

In the Bathroom After doing a little feng shui research and collecting some white sea glass, I changed the theme of the bathroom off my bedroom into a spa-like environment with an ocean motif. My bathroom falls into the Children, Creativity, and Entertainment section of the Feng Shui Bagua map, so the best color scheme […] Read more »

Sea Glass Colors: What Are the Odds of Finding Them?

Sea Glass Colors and Rarity

Common Sea Glass Colors The main thing that affects sea glass rarity is whether or not its color has been mass produced over the past several decades. For example, beachcombers usually find a lot of white, brown, and Kelly green sea glass because these colors of glass have been mass produced since the last century by bottling companies that […] Read more »

Finding White Sea Glass on the Beach

Milk Glass

Kelly green, brown, and clear white are the most common sea glass colors beach combers find because the majority of glass bottles that were dumped into the ocean during the first half of the 20th century consisted of these colors. If you’re searching for sea glass, it’s likely that much of what you’ll find will […] Read more »