Where to Buy Sea Glass

If you want to buy real sea glass, one of the best ways is to purchase it online. Here are some of the most popular Web sites that sell real sea glass:


Ebay usually has an assortment of sea glass for sale from different places around the world. You can buy all kinds of sea glass, especially some in the rarer colors like red and cobalt blue. You should be cautious, however, and check out the sellers’ feedback. Sometimes people sell fake sea glass that they’ve tumbled themselves.  Make sure you’re buying “genuine surf tumbled sea glass,” and be sure you’re buying the actual sea glass displayed in the photo and not sea glass from a stock photo.

buy sea glass


You can usually find a nice selection of sea glass for sale on Etsy. Just go to Etsy.com and type “sea glass” into the search-bar. Besides sea glass, you’ll also see jewelry and other sea glass related craft items. Like eBay, you’ll want to check the seller’s feedback and make sure it’s positive.

Faux Sea Glass

If you want to buy fake sea glass, you can usually purchase it from a craft store like Micheal’s or Joann’s. You can also make your own by purchasing a rock a tumbler. For instructions about how to make fake sea glass, click here. Fake sea glass is easy to make. It’s just a little time consuming and a little noisy. If you’re looking for a rare color or another specific kind of sea glass, making it yourself might be your best option.

Most sea glass experts and collectors can tell the difference between real and fake sea glass right away. Fake sea glass is usually not as evenly frosted or as rounded as real sea glass.

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